The six districts of High Country PETS:
  • 5390 - Montana
  • 5420 - Utah
  • 5440 - Wyoming, N. Colorado, Scottsbluff, Morrill, Teton Valley
  • 5450 - Central Colorado, including Denver
  • 5470 - Southern and Western Colorado
  • 5630 - Central and Western Nebraska
To register, find your district, then your role:
(see exceptions below)

  • Visiting PEs - Presidents-Elect from outside the 6 HC PETS member districts must contact PETS Administrator, Liz Becher, for additional information and correct registration link!
  • Facilitators and Members of the High Country PETS Steering Committee (PETS Chair, PETS Administrator, DGEs, DGNs, District Trainers, Supporting Committee Members, and PETS Facilitators) will be registered by Head PETS Registrar Diana Royce Smith. If you are part of this group do NOT register yourself.  If you have questions, please email Diana Royce Smith.
Please Note:
Hotel rooms are not included in the PETS registration! 
Room block open until February 15

Reserve Room at The Westin, Westminster
District 5440 - Wyoming, N. Colorado, Scottsbluff/Gering, Morrill, Teton Valley
District 5450 - Central Colorado, including Denver
District 5470 - Southern and Western Colorado
District 5630 - Central and Western Nebraska
Guests, Spouses, District Officers (All Districts) or Rotary Regional Coordinators
If you are a guest; the partner of a PE, PEN, or AG; a District Governor or other District Officer from any of our six districts, OR are a Regional Rotary Coordinator (RRFC, RC, RPIC, E/MGAs) please click the link below. You may select which meals you will attend to meet your schedule. 
District 5390
Todd Neighbor 406-217-1442
District 5420
Kelly Atkinson  801-673-2861
District 5440
Kellie Kegerreis
District 5450
Bev Mendel
District 5470
Kimberly Gold
District 5630
Cheryl Bryan